Lincoln Center chief quits

Lincoln Center chief quits


norman lebrecht

May 31, 2020

The Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts will see its artistic director Jane Moss depart on August 1.

Jane has been on staff at Lincoln Center since 1992 and artistic leader since 1997, responsible for such series as Mostly Mozart Festival, and Midsummer Night Swing.

She said: ‘Now that our current situation has put a pause on live programming, I feel I can step down. I am eager to make a new kind of contribution to the life and the well-being of New York as we face very challenging times ahead.’

When Lincoln reopens its faces a prolonged refurbishment of its concert hall, during which the New York Philharmonic will play at Carnegie Hall.



  • mary says:

    understandably there’s less to do in a pandemic, but still, Lincoln Center remains the leading classical arts / jazz center in the country, what it does does have an impact, it’s therefore surprising that she suggests she could have a greater impact elsewhere, unless she means outside of the arts…

    (hint: race relations sure need improving in the city and the country)

  • buxtehude says:

    Downsizing of apocalyptic, biblical dimensions in certain prospect.

    Whoever turns up to be “in charge” will have to serve as pincushion for unending professional and personal attacks, especially from the unions but from every other quarter too, in all probability.

    Where o where will all the money come from? What appeals can be made to governments and to donors, in this new world of general desperation, what arguments that will have any traction?

    At least it will be possible to find someone to blame . . .

    If the past is any guide they will end up with someone from way outside, with thick skin and no current ties, to serve as battering ram.