Locked down in Philly, a young couple run live jukebox

Violinist Elena Urioste and her pianist husband Tom Poster invited people on social media to send in requests for pieces they could arrange and film themselves playing.

Hundreds came in, and they are playing day and night.

Watch here.


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  • I hope they are being paid for their performances. Being a musician isn’t a HOBBY, despite what many ignorant people think.

  • Very nice! I have long admired Urioste’s playing at the Peninsula Music Festival.

    I started with the second movement from the Mozart sonata in e minor K 304, mainly because I could listen all day to Mozart sonatas for keyboard and violin. They apologize for the piano but in fact it sounds rather like some of the recorded fortepianos – compared to the luxury of a concert grand.

    Mozart is a very under-rated composer.

    You read that right.

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