Culture Secretary falls off her bike

Culture Secretary falls off her bike


norman lebrecht

April 23, 2020

The Secretary of State for Cultural Affairs  in the Austrian Government Ulrike Lunacek was taken to hospital with minor injuries on Tuesday after hitting her head on a Vienna pavement when falling off her bike.

Lunacek, 62, was sent home with painkillers and told to rest for a few days.

She was wearing a helmet.


As a member of the Green Party, she expects to be back on her bike before long.




  • Melston says:

    “She was wearing a helmet.”

    Given that in Australia they’re compulsory it would not be considered unusual.
    Thankfully helmets are not compulsory in the UK which is why more people cycle here.

    It must be a really slow news day if you’re trying to make any other point with that vacuous comment.

    • Stuart L. says:

      Australia is an awful long way from Austria!

    • christopher storey says:

      I fail to see how the comment is “vacuous” . I am not a cyclist, and I agree that they are ridiculous looking things to wear, but , and it is a big but, they do save lives and perhaps even more importantly save many cylists involved in otherwise trivial accidents from catastrophic brain injury when a head hits the road or worse still a kerbstone

      • Saxon Broken says:

        They don’t save lives. The evidence shows that cars drive more recklessly when the cyclist is wearing a helmet compared to when they don’t.

    • Rob says:

      Österreich not Ostrich

    • SVM says:

      Re Melson: helmets are not compulsory in the UK **for adults**. For children under 14 years old, helmets are compulsory in the UK (unless the child is a follower of Sikhism and wears a turban).

    • Leopold says:

      I think the news is not about the helmet. It’s about a member of the government riding a bicycle as her regular means of transportation.

  • Ainslie says:

    Do you know what they call a bicyclist who refuses to wear a helmet?

    An organ donor.