2 cellos raise lament for Covid health workers

2 cellos raise lament for Covid health workers


norman lebrecht

April 13, 2020

Cellists Charles Seo and Louis-Marie Fardet of the Houston Symphony play a little-known Shostakovich duet for the unknown Covid heroes.

There is usually a piano to set this Prelude going, but it is even lovelier without


  • Mary Zoeter says:

    Very moving and extraordinarily beautiful.

    • David K. Nelson says:

      Very sensitive playing, and a good reminder that the members of fine orchestras such as Houston are great artists, right down the line, not just filling out a section.

  • Fontenelle says:

    This is a relatively well-known duet in amateur / student circles (this doesn’t take away from the beauty and simplicity of its melody!).

    But still, cute!

  • Cubs Fan says:

    Beautiful work by Shostakovich, but hardly little known: from the Gadfly. John Williams, guitar, did it beautifully too:

  • Chris says:

    Shostakovich also orchestrated this for the film score to The Gadfly, Op. 97:

  • Robert Freeman says:

    Wonderful in every way.