In locked-down Israel, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik connects musicians at home

In Israel, with one of the toughest stay-home regimes on earth, the Jerusalem Street Orchestra asked its friends, young and old, to get out their instruments and play Mozart.

The result is absolutely heartlifting. You see it here first:

Edit credits: Yuval Amit and Culiner Creative Circle.

And here’s another distanced performance from the same place:

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  • Fabulous wonderful uplifting makes me smile. Keep it coming

  • To say something crazy, which I’ve been quite abundant in lately.

    You experience a miracle and the left brain just doesn’t have the hold it used to have on sanity, I even piped myself up with enough coffee to turn it off a bit, quite severely at times, but anyhow. I’ll find better means now. I was simply at a loss to.

    What I understand, which is completely out of bounds, and fortunately stays there beyond “objectivity,” is that this piece was written, exactly to cheer someone up.

    Mozart’s mother had died some nine years earlier, and Wolfgang didn’t understand his father anymore, why he was so critical of him. His mother, being a spirit, appeared to him in the fireplace, something she could do without the consequent damage being in there would evoke was she not a spirit, and simply said to her son: “Leopold loves you, he’s just a silly man.”

    And Wolfgang sat down to write a little night music. A diversion that cheered him up.

    Make of it what you will….

  • Beautiful! What a sharing. You underscore the fact that the world CAN share and unite over common appreciations. Thank you so much.

  • As we all deal with our own varied emotions at this time, may music continue to provide us respite. ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

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