Boston changes concert etiquette. It’s fist and elbow bumps now

Exclusive pics from last night’s BSO concert:

Conductor Hannu Lintu fistbumping soloist Seong-Jin Cho at the end of the Prokofiev Second Piano Concerto

Lintu fistbumps Associate Concertmaster Alexander Velinzon

photos: Hilary Scott

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  • After Prok II, the pianist’s hand is probably in shreds anyway. My god, that piece needs some pounding

  • Hannu is a warm and brilliant person and musician. Aside from the more casual physical post-performance greeting of thanks to each other, perhaps it is also a safer way to express sincerity during these challenging times of global health crises. Even so, it is a sign of friendship and appreciation toward each other.

  • The audience got a good laugh out of it too. The hall was was nearly full – no fears of this fancy flu in Boston. I like what Lintu wears too – no fancy coat and tails. He dressed like that in Montreal too.

  • I know doctors who advise this, as opposed to handshakes and hugs, while the current outbreak is an issue.

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