The Met’s new Alfredo is Won Whi Choi

The Met’s new Alfredo is Won Whi Choi


norman lebrecht

February 04, 2020

The Korean tenor jumped in last night for Dmytro Popov in Traviata, making his Met debut.

He’s an ensemble member in Erfurt who has understudied the last two seasons at the Met. Sadly for him. there’s only one more Traviata in the run and Popov says he’ll be fit for it.



  • Scott says:

    I heard him last night. A very beautiful voice.

  • John Porter says:

    I heard him last night too and heard him when he was a student at Mannes. He has a wonderful voice and hopefully a growing career.

  • Seihoon Ahn says:

    Was fortunate enough to witness Won Whi Choi’s debut last night. It was one of those rare magical nights where a new star was born.
    Hope we see him in other operas because he sure does have a lot to offer to the operatic world.
    Bravo Won Whi!!

  • Sun says:

    Bravo!! He may not know me but I know him and his wife. Off the stage, they are humble, kind, and generous. On the stage, they are touching people’s heart. I hope to see him perform more!!

  • Laurie says:

    We were visiting from England and at first disappointed to see a substitution. This was totally overcome by Mr Choi’s performance. He was brilliant and deserved the huge cheers and ovation at the end. Will look out fur him now.