Concertgebouw player wins national contest

Concertgebouw player wins national contest


norman lebrecht

February 04, 2020

Coraline Groen, 24, joined the second violins of the Concertgebouw orchestra on Saturday, thrilled to start a  new job.

Last night, she won the Netherlands Violin Competition in Utrecht, taking both jury and audience prizes.

No more hiding in the seconds, then.


  • Charles Clark-Maxwell says:

    She’s a Rodney Friend student

  • Axl says:

    C’bouw has also found successor for Kyeong Ham to 2nd oboe/English horn – Alexander Krimer. Congrats to both Coraline and Alexander

    • I have no memories of Kyeong Ham inside the orchestra near to Alexei Ogrintchouk and Miriam Pastor Burgos. The fact is that when there’s a concert the oboes players are the favorits of the tv directors.

      • Axl says:

        I remember very well! You can e.g. spot him in this Mahler 2 with Gatti –

        • You are wright but concerning the second obe we were more used to see Nicoline Alt during the last years. And sometimes it seems to me that Miriam Pastor Burgos played in second oboe.

          • Axl says:

            That’s also right. But They have two 2nd oboe positions and Nicoline Alt is “the true 2nd oboe” because her mainly job is playing second oboe part most of the time.
            The other 2nd position is kind of “Wechsel-oboe position” because that player play 2nd when NA isn’t in action, 3rd oboe in big peaces and English horn when MPB isn’t playing. And even if MPB is the solo English horn – she has an obligatory to play 2nd, 3rd, 4th and so on. All aboe sections have a rotating system.
            I also want to ask, are you current or former C’bouw player? 🙂

          • Not at all… but I woul like… I ‘am just a Concertgebouw fan who have seen the orchestra several times in concert and used to see the orchestra in video and in documentaries.

  • The Netherlands a great country of violinists. van Zweden in the past, today Tjeerd Top, Jannine Jensen and more great artists.

  • David K. Nelson says:

    Just a gentle protest re that last line about hiding. In a great orchestra, the members of the second violin section are splendid violinists and fine artists – as they should be and are expected to be.

    “Marylou Speaker Churchill.”

    I rest my case.

    • Robert Roy says:

      Absolutely! A last desk second violin is just as responsible for the success of an orchestra’s performance as any other member.

    • Derek says:

      Second violins should be appreciated and are sometimes overlooked.

      They add so much and have to really understand the music.

  • Marino Lagomarsino says:

    “No more hiding in the seconds, then.” Very bar commenti, mr. Lebrecht.

    Marino Lagomarsino.

  • Marino Lagomarsino says:

    “bad”, obviously. Sorry.

    M. L.