More than 100,000 read Slipped Disc in one day

Google Analytics tell us we had 103,218 readers on the site yesterday.

Our own security team confirm that these were real readers, not Russian bots.

What drew them to Slipped Disc on a peaceful Sunday?

Exclusive stories, first with the news, some abrasive readers’ comments and a selection of unheard music.

Slipped Disc keeps on growing.

UPDATE: The next day, Monday, we had 109,955 readers.

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    • I went to Richard Goode’s recital at the Wigmore on Sunday night. There were a number of empty seats (including half of the row in front of mine), but the overall turnout was still very high (at a guess, somewhere in the 80%–95% region), despite the weather and consequent disruption to public transport (on my route into London, a lot of trains had been cancelled, but, having set off very early, I still made it in plenty of time). There were even people enquiring about returns (the recital had, of course, sold out, so most of the empty seats are probably attributable to the extreme weather).

      I suppose hearing Richard Goode live counts as an instance of venturing out because I “had to”… it was certainly worth the effort. In particular, Goode’s Debussy was magical.

  • First with the news, thanks to Norman’s indefatigable spirit! And we get comments here from all sorts, which is sometimes maddening but often entertaining, as well.

  • Congratulations to slip disc. It’s my go-to for reading in my spare time to find things of interest that I would have otherwise been unaware of.

  • Blue skies and sunshine here in Mexico but Slipped Disc is still essential reading (except for the mean-spirited and “abrasive readers’ comments” which we could do without)

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