Anthea’s made the NY Times

The Manhattan parish paper has picked up our exclusive story on Anthea Kreston teaching violin in China during the coronavirus epidemic.

The paper does not credit Slipped Disc.

It’s too parochial.

Read the NYT interview here.

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  • My goodness they must have hurt you bad in New York. Someone in their London bureau possibly saw your item and then they covered it in “depth”.

  • The bigger story is the private and public music and academic schools that are closed in Hong Kong and China. Teachers are commonly providing instruction via internet. I feel for those businesses and teachers that are being impacted economically. Some may well be forced out of business.

    Rather than promote herself and her “humanitarian efforts” perhaps Ms Kreston could draw attention to the plight of her fellow teachers and musicians who are living with the crisis.

    • damned if you do, damned if you don’t… the bigger bigger story is the number of businesses, schools of all kinds, hotels, restaurants in fact anything that provides a service that may be forced out of business. Perhaps she should have concentrated on the global effect???? Really???

    • As long as Kreston is charging a realistic fee for her teaching services and paying her taxes, there is no ethical issue with her self-promotion. Ultimately, however “humanitarian” her work is, it is a business activity that operates in a competitive marketplace (presumably, she is situated somewhere near the top end).

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