New Carlos Kleiber videos online

This is a fabulous account of Beethoven’s 4th symphony from a 1986 tour of Japan, new to western viewers.


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  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful to see him conduct the Eroica or the Choral ? Haitink once said “don’t be deceived by Kleiber’s repertoire. He knows everything really”.

    Quite frustrating. Thanks for the link though

    • I can find only 2 movements (Nos. 1 and 3) of Kleiber’s Beethoven 4th on YouTube. Please tell me how to find the other two movements of this wonderful performance. I will be most grateful.
      Harold Zamansky

    • Wow, 7 dislikes for this comment? This comment is absolutely true, but don’t go to youtube for them….the better quality should be enjoyed on the DVD release, which is widely available. This Bavarian State Orchestra version (wouldn’t hurt to credit the orchestra, Mr. Lebrecht) is exciting, but the players are barely able to keep up with some of maestro Kleiber’s more impulsive moments. Not suggesting for a moment it’s not wonderfully electric and well worth the watch, but….the Concertgebouw one has this excitement AND also wonderful execution. Btw, the Beethoven 7th and the J. Strauss encores are also on the same youtube channel, and YES, these have been circulating for quite a while already.

  • I watched it, and couldn’t help deciding that he is the greatest conductor !
    Coupled with his Vienna New Years Eve concert and his Rosenkavalier, I may not be wrong after all …

    • Interesting thought. One might say that, at his best he was as good as or better than anyone. But he didn’t conduct that much, had a very limited repertoire and didn’t do much in the way of building-up an orchestra or a company.

      So, despite his high points, I struggle to see him as “the greatest”.

      Mind you, his repertoire did include Butterworth! I have him doing some with the Chicago SO(!)

  • The sound quality is not good enough to discern his marked discontent at 0:46 – 0:51

    Overall the approach seems quite close to the 1982 recording with the Bavarian State Orchestra. To me, he ‘owns’ the Fourth every bit as much as the Fifth.

    • I would prefere to say ‘most intruiging conductor ever” He didn’t do enough records and didn’t work enough with one orchestra or opera for me. And this way to cancel performances was not nice for the musicians (think of about the Berliner in the 90’s) and for the audience. And the way he finnieshed his career was very sad. It was not a nice way to say good bye in canary islands… But it’s true that he went once in all the most prestigious places of the opera and the classical music.

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