Watch live from St Petersburg: Mariss Jansons’ funeral

Watch live from St Petersburg: Mariss Jansons’ funeral


norman lebrecht

December 05, 2019

The opening music that played in Philharmonic Hall was Mahler’s second symphony, infinitely meaningful for Mariss.

The body lies in state in an open coffin.

(If the video doesn’t work, click direct here.)

The ceremony lasted three hours.

The live video has now been taken down.


  • Rob says:

    I thought they were going burst into the 2nd movement of Shostakovich 10!

  • Monique St-Pierre says:

    Sorry . I cannot see anything on video or on thé link To internet. Does not Work on You Tube—it Says the video is private. So sas. I am from Canada

  • Rob says:

    I watched the entire funeral, it was very nice, but when they played the opening of the 2nd movement of Tchaikovsky 5 I had to shed a tear. Too much!!

  • Sanae says:

    It is such a pity that they had taken down the video. Had I known earlier, I would have watched it live.

  • Cathy Senko says:

    I didn’t know that his funeral would be broadcast live until it was over. Is there any way it could be released one more time for those of us who are devoted to the Maestro.. and didn’t know about it?

  • Rob says:

    And Mariss doing a wonderful masterclass