Sick list: La Scala loses Netrebko

The soprano has pulled out of her last two Toscas this month due to ‘a sudden illness’.

The Spanish soprano Saioa Hernández jumps in (and off) on December 19 and 22.

Hernández, 40, made her Scala debut last year at the season-opening Attila. She was already due to sing the January Toscas.

Netrebko needs to get well in time for the Met’s New Year’s Eve gala.



Sick notes are so much more charming in Italian: A causa di un’indisposizione Anna Netrebko è costretta a cancellare le rappresentazioni di Tosca del 19 e 22 dicembre. Il Teatro alla Scala ringrazia Saioa Hernández che sosterrà la parte di Floria Tosca nelle date indicate aggiungendole alle rappresentazioni già previste il 2, 5 and 8 gennaio.

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    • I don’t think even Cheryl Studer spanned that repertoire double, though she did do the former, in her own very individualistic stylings.

      I am sure there are others, but certainly the great Mara Zampieri did and still called herself a lyric soprano.

    • Not that surprising at all, right? Plenty of currently active singers hold both in their repertoire. Serjan, Pirozzi, Monastyrska, to mention just a few that come to mind…

  • The people are buying tickets for 700 to 900€ on the black market, just to hear Netrebko… Such a disappointment! On the other hand it’s natural that any singer can get sick. I don’t accuse Netrebko, just feel sorry for those who have bought already the tickets…

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