Sicklist: Mariss is out again

Mariss Jansons has withdrawn from the Bavarian Radio Symphony’s tour to Antwerp, Luxembourg and Essen this week, on health grounds.

Daniel Harding jumps in.

UPDATE: Website statement: Mariss Jansons is confident of a recovery in time for the concerts at Carnegie Hall on 8 and 9 November and expects to conduct the programs as originally planned.

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  • Question is, who will jump in when Mariss is out for good? Nobody wants to talk about that. Yet their love for him has them taking it to the brink. There will be a four-year hole, I suppose.

    • I’m not sure it can be called love. It seems more like an abuse from the outside. The man needs to rest. He has a severe heart disease.

      • Abuse? Is any side working against their wishes? Jansons has been living on the edge for about two decades, doing memorable work all along.

        • It’s not about wishes. It’s about doing the right thing.
          Of course management of BRSO could always claim ‘who are we to stop him if he is eager to do it.’ but that’s a somewhat unethical position, since they know it is against medical advice and against reason. They ab-use him as their PR-figurehead in that sense.

  • ==The man needs to rest.

    Yes, well said. Menuhin was once very critical of the Soviets who forced David Oistrakh to tour after he’d had a serious heart attack. And here is MJ doing it of his own volition (apparently)

  • He didn’t look fit in Paris on October 31st. The concert was very good though, the vitality of the music making contradicting the obvious frailty of the man.
    He’s supposed to be in Vienna at the end of the month for 4 concerts in a row : I wonder if he’ll have the strength to conduct. I very much hope so.

  • The orchestra is scheduled to appear in Carnegie Hall on Friday November 8 and Saturday November 9. As of Sunday evening New York time, the Carnegie Hall website still lists Jansons as conductor.

  • As of now he’s still listed on Carnegie Hall’s website to lead next week’s concerts.

    In any case, let’s wish what’s best for him. Hopefully he’ll know to listen to his body.

  • Harding’s Schumann overture and Beethoven 6 at the Proms with Orch de Paris this past summer was just flat-out dull, workaday.

  • Haitink has not ruled out substituting for a colleague in Europe (unfortunately not in North America) even though he is officially retired.

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