Philadelphia signs 5 more years with China

press release:

The Philadelphia Orchestra, the China Conservatory of Music, and the Global Music Education League today signed a five-year agreement in Beijing formalizing the Orchestra’s role in the China International Music Competition. Each year, starting in 2021, that the Orchestra travels to Beijing with Music Director Yannick Nézet-Séguin, they will participate in the final concert of the China International Music Competition. The Orchestra will also be involved in coaching, master classes, and joint music-making opportunities with the students and faculty of the China Conservatory of Music…


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  • So what? It seems like a smart move to me. Somewhere I read where China has more pianos in play (bad pun) than all the other countries in the world put together.

    I once saw, decades ago, the Philly in Vietnam so their interest in Asia is not new.

    Maybe they should be applauded.

  • So, China continues to purchase the Philadelphia Orchestra, the golden symbol of classical music, in order to further lay claim to the high point of Western culture, classical music, to further its expansionist strategies leading to world domination.

  • Does this mean the Philadelphia Orchestra can play concerts at Uighurs concentration camps, which the Chinese government has called “vocational training centers.” Masterclasses anyone?

    • . . . or how ’bout playing for Mexicans and other ‘south of the border’ folk being held captive by the good-old U.S. of A. We’re very blatant about the fact that they’re not ‘vocational training centers’, aren’t we?

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