Crisis in Bach archive as boss quits

Franziska Grimm has asked to be relieved of her post as commercial director of Leipzig’s Bach Archive. She had been there for little over a year and wants to pursue other challenges.

That’s all they’re saying.


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  • OMG it’s a crisis? That an employee leaves a job, for any of various reasons? It happens all the time in workplaces all over the world. It’s not a crisis. The BachArchiv will find another director. Maybe “that’s all they’re saying” because it is a personnel matter and none of our business.”

  • She found a bill for overdue salary together with an angry letter by JS Bach which is still not paid and did not want to be associated with such humiliating failure vis à vis the greatest composer of history.

  • I’m not at all sure in what way this constitutes a “crisis”. One may reasonably assume that a replacement will be appointed, and I cannot think there is any shortage of candidates.

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