Pat Kop duets with oncologist

The outstanding violinist Patricia Kopatchinskaja is giving a charity concert in Zurich for a children’s cancer hospital.

She will be accompanied at the piano by one of the oncologists, Dr Nicolas Gerber.

Pat Kop says: ‘Nico has the makings of a brilliant pianist. When he wavered between music and medicine, we performed together several times. Since then we have done chamber music privately together. Now we are reactivating our concert activity for a good cause.’



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  • What a wonderful story! I share stories of scientists, lawyers, engineers, doctors, etc who studied music in college but chose different careers; fortunately, many of these musicians still take the opportunity to make music – and this might be one of the best stories I’ve ever heard.

    • Med. Schools tend to look for extra-curricular achievements during the selection process. Sport is often a decider but musical prowess is also a sign of commitment to hours of study and practice.

      • Didn’t know that but it makes perfect sense. (You just need a selection committee with some idea of what it takes to become proficient at any instrument)

  • Conductors Giuseppe Sinopoli and Jeffrey Tate had medical degrees. Tate practiced medicine before switching to music.

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