Kirill Petrenko with the Israel Phil … and which soloist?

At the Berlin Phil, Petrenko gets landed with headline soloists and sometimes has little say in who plays concertos.

But when guest conducting abroad he can choose his own…. and it’s a clue to his own personality and contemporaries to see who he picks.

In Israel next month, he will conduct Mozart K491 with the ex-Yugoslav pianist Tamara Stefanovich, 46, who is married to Pierre-Laurent Aimard. Not a big name, but an artist for cognoscenti.

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  • Wonderful & fearless artist, she played 50 études from 3 centuries last weekend in Milton Court. Wishes there were more people there to listen.

  • Stefanovich is rightly acclaimed for her performance of modern and contemporary repertoire. But Mozart?

    Petrenko was engaged to conduct Concertgebouw a couple of years ago. He planned to play Mozart piano concerto no. 24 with Radu Lupu on that occasion before he cancelled due to health reasons. I suspect he asked Lupu to play the same concerto this time with Israel Philharmonic, before Lupu announced he would retire earlier this year.

  • Is it true that guest conductors get to choose their own soloists? When we have guest conductors, they and the soloist usually seem to be meeting for the first time. Or did you just mean Petrenko (and maybe others of his level)?

  • I know the players run the orchestra to an usual degree in Berlin, but surely Petrenko has some say over the soloists who play with him there. Why would they book him if they didn’t trust his judgment there or want to take advantage of his connections? (though I suppose nobody says no to the Berlin Phil).

  • What is the ‘news’ about the appearance of an artist who basically owes her career to being married to a rather overrated pianist?

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