How to become a classical music influencer

The young violinist Filip Pogády was a reluctant convert to social media.

But trial and error over the past six years has won him 100,000 followers.

Is that for his violin playing, or his modelling work?

‘The classical audience resents anything that steps outside the stereotypical image,’ he says.

Watch Filip on Zsolt Bognar’s Living the Classical Life. ‘Haters are gonna hate,’ says Filip.


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  • A relatively easy interviewee compared to his last one. I still remember the look Anne Sophie Mutter gave him when he confessed to sometimes feeling totally out of focus before a performance.

  • Is there any evidence on whether so called “influencers” are influential, and if so how, or whether they just like calling themselves by that term ?

    • Good question indeed. Such people forget that there are many viewers who look them up for sheer pleasure of getting irritated. The same holds for TV commercials: there are as many people who decide on the spot to never buy the product because of the awfulness of the commercial, as there may be people who decide for the opposite. Like, there are many people who go to concerts for the pleasure of hating the music presented, or the performers, so that they have something emotionally rewarding afterwards with their complaining.

  • I, too, have always wondered about this term influencer. I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade but I’ve not heard of him (that means very little, of course). I have however just checked Amazon to find there’s really only one MP3 available. Who is being influenced? Sorry to be a bit uncharitable.

  • I hadn’t heard of Filip Pogády either so apparently this “influencing” hasn’t amounted to much. Maybe the interviewer felt the need to throw a little guy a bone after interviewing the likes of Anne-Sophie Mutter and Vladimir Ashkenazy.

  • I found a Sibelius performance on YouTube and he sounds pretty good.

    To be fair, the term “influencer” comes up only when Bognar mentions it. Pogády’s reaction is like “Huh? OK, whatever.”

  • Other than his own fan club of “followers,” who exactly is he influencing, and how?

    “Influencer” is just another of these noxious term puked up by social media.

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