Where Zubin Mehta takes his musicians to dinner

Where Zubin Mehta takes his musicians to dinner


norman lebrecht

October 17, 2019

Tonight, the retiring music director of the Israel Philharmonic took all the players and staff to a farewell dinner at what is said to be his favourite restaurant in Herzliya.

Not too hot?



  • The View from America says:

    Newsflash: Conductors take musicians — large and small groups alike — to dinner all the time.

    I realize that SD has become the “People Magazine” of the classical music world … but even on that basis, how does this qualify as a scoop that’s worthy of anyone’s attention?

    • Grateful Wretch says:

      Lighten up. It’s nice to come to this wonderful site and basks in any crumb of gossip or news that come our way. I welcome any classical news and gossip, knowing that I can’t get it anywhere else. All things from the sublime and noble to the petty and the sordid, you get on this site. I have learnt a lot from this website. I’ve watched and listened to youtube clips linked from this site. I’ve bought books and watched movies based on what I read on this site. I’ve also been infuriated by the posts on this site that offend me. All the good mixed with the bad but never dull. If Norman somehow gets pissed off and shuts this site off, a lot of us would be bereft without it.

      • The View from America says:

        I don’t think it’s possible to p*ss off NL.

        Besides, when he has a good thing going like the most-visited classical music website in the whole world (along with the highest level of engagement — which also results in a nice, tidy income stream), why would he ever shut it down?

    • Mick the Knife says:

      Its not just any conductor at some random time in his career. Thats why its news.

  • esfir ross says:

    Have been to this cheap joint

  • JohnS says:

    That is cheap.

    After a concert I once took my youth orchestra to a Burger King. I made less than 5500 pounds/year from this job. In proportion I think I spent more on the 37 kids and 2 volunteers/staff of the orchestra at Burger King than ZM on this dinner at Tandoori.

    • FrauGeigerin says:

      In all the years I have been playing in top orchestras only six times we have been taken to dinner paid by the conductor, three of them were on tour, one after a recording session, and two at the end of a summer festival. All of the paying conductors were guest conductors. No principal/resident/MD/Kapellmeister has ever paid dinner for us (or at least I don’t remember). Drinks at a bar on tour to some of us maybe five or six times, and again never the principal/resident/MD/1.Kapellmeister. I don’t expect it from any conductor anyway.