Mourning for Dutch oboist, 85

Mourning for Dutch oboist, 85


norman lebrecht

October 24, 2019

Heinz Friesen, solo oboist of the Brabant orchestra (1961-66) and the Rotterdam Philharmonic (1966-89), has died.

He was oboe professor at The Hague Conservatoire, a composer and a prolific conductor, mostly of wind ensembles.


  • Harry says:

    The music heard is from the t-bone concerto by Johan de Meij, played by Christan Lindberg with Symphonic Wind Orchestra St. Michaël of Thorn, conductor Heinz Friesen.

  • Simon says:

    Not to diminish the passing of Mr. Friesen, but how come you have yet to report on the death of major composer/arranger Theo Verbey?