Just in: Joyce DiDonato tells Chile she’s out

The diva has sent a message to the depths of Chilean torment.


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    • I am no expert but in British English we tend now to use the most common Mexican Spanish spelling these days – Chile, and then the adjective spelt similarly as in Chilean wine. It is not spelt the same way as the spice, Chilli but again pronounced the same in British English. I think the message that Joyce is trying to portray is far more important than an L or an E in the wrong place for some.

  • If anyone can deliver a message of love and peace, it is Joyce DiDonato– a beautiful and sincere human being with a gorgeous voice. Purcell’s lament lives.

  • Just to clarify, it was CorpArtes decision to cancel the concert. Joyce and the orchestra wish this concert could have happened, but had to respect the state of emergency.

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