Kaufmann’s got new hi-fi

He says: When I listen to edit files of my recordings, for approval or additional notes, it is very important to me to hear the smallest details. In preparation of my new album-release in October I was once again grateful for having my Grimm LS1be speakers. While they function perfectly as monitor-speakers, at the same time they do not sound too persistent or direct, so you can just lean back, relax and enjoy music on a daily basis – a combination which is extremely rare. The speakers are also aesthetically appealing, so they blend nicely with my other furniture. I am often astounded by their quality which renders even the simplest digital file streams into smooth, warm, almost analog-sounding bits of joy.

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  • I find the remark that JK listens to his edit files ‘for extra notes’ quite worrying. Normally with recording, one is supposed to sing them oneself.

      • It is no longer unusual for performers to insert the right notes electronically during the editing process, or adjust blooped intonation.

        • that‘s a very good question…
          good professionals know the answer to that, why despite the strong distortion of timbre B&W‘s speakers of the last two decades introduce, they are still seen on many photographs of certain studios…

    • I believe that the Grimm monitors are active; that is, self-powered with separate on-board amplifier circuits for the treble and bass drivers, and an active dividing network in place of the usual passive “crossover.”

  • It’s nice to see a musician actually enjoy recorded music on something state-of-the-art. Grimm speakers and ADC/DAC are some of the best in the business.

  • Just wondering how this can be the latest news on SD on such a day when the world is mourning Jessyie Norman? Still not a word here…

  • I would say the exact same thing about my Rogers LS7s. No digital overbrightness, the strings of the Vienna Phil sound like – well, the strings of the Vienna Phil…

  • Every audiophile has a particular excuse in order to indulge his/her hobby. Only 1% will ever listen to his recording in a real good audio system, and at least half of them can not actually tell the difference of using such a equipment. The point is: It does not matter. I love this stuff too, but do not pretend It makes any difference in terms of market and music apprehension.

  • He is a successful, hard-working and meticulous performer, who is simply enjoying some (rather modest) fruits of his own hard work. These speakers don’t cost any more than a modest second car in Germany. Why shouldn’t he have what he’s earned? Or would you prefer to see him booze it all away, or stuff it up his nose (as so many others do) ?

    He spends long months living out of a suitcase, taking direction from jumped-up twits. He deserves some comfort at home.

    If he were a bank employee, or a top manager in a German corporation, no-one would even raise this topic. I think y’ou’re all embittered and envious people.

    • In all fairness, I understand most comments toward the steep price tag of these speakers not directed at JK, but at the affordability for average HiFi aficionado José.

  • Seemingly his obsession with leisure, food and luxury in real life means , on an interpretative level, plenty of mannerisms, self-indulgence , decorativism , superficiality etc. Keep yourself hungry , JK.

  • I always remember the advice of Thomas Heinitz, a respected London Hi-Fi dealer sadly no longer with us. Never greedy and suspicious of certain “audiophile” excesses and absurdities, he always said: “Listen to the music, not the money”.

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