Carnegie Hall, said my mother. Is that a good venue?

Carnegie Hall, said my mother. Is that a good venue?


norman lebrecht

October 05, 2019

In his most revealing interview to date, Chopin Competition winner Seong-Jin Cho lets it be known that his parents knew little about music and have only lately begun to take interest. They now recognise, for instance, that the Berlin Philharmonic is quite a good orchestra.

There was an upside to their disinterest: ‘I grew up with a lot of freedom. No one, including my family, ever pushed me to practise. So in this sense, I am ordinary when I am with my family. I am an only child, so I spend a lot of time with cousins. There is nothing out of the ordinary in my everyday life.’

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  • PDQ says:

    good for him. He might stand a better chance than many otherrs

  • Camallero says:

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  • Bruce says:

    As usual he comes across as a very thoughtful young man. For example:

    “It could be the case that two decades later, I could look back at my current performances and think that I was not prepared to play certain pieces. At the moment, I don’t have pieces I think I am not prepared to play. But there are pieces I think I can play better.”

    What I’ve heard of his playing is beautiful, and he sounds intelligent too. I think (hope) he’ll be around for a long time.