Two female stars rally to Placido Domingo

Two female stars rally to Placido Domingo


norman lebrecht

September 27, 2019

Olga Borodina: Dear Plácido! The world has gone crazy! For me you have always been the best partner and my teacher! Such as you have never been and there will never be! You are our pride! I wish you not to fall spirit! It’s just a black period of ungrateful, ungrateful and ungrateful people that will soon pass! I wish you strength and good health! Always with you! Olga

Anna Netrebko: We did Macbeth last night. Bravi tutti. We love you, Placido

And this from José Carreras: I have never seen Placido Domingo behave in a way that was not correct…. Yo no he visto nunca a Plácido Domingo comportarse de una manera que no fuera la correcta.


UPDATE: Another message from Anna Netrebko: Our long-suffering production of Macbeth suffers the onslaught of storm waves – from the haters of Domingo, from fans of Domingo – and they both call to refuse to speak in protest or in support, while insulting innocent artists. We’ll go on stage tomorrow anyway, because it’s our duty. In the meantime, I’ll ride these waves of hate on my jet ski.

аша многострадальная постановка Макбета терпит натиск штормовых волн – от ненавистников Доминго, от поклонников Доминго- и те и другие призывают отказаться от выступления в протест или в поддержку, оскорбляя при этом ни в чем не повинных артистов. На сцену завтра мы выйдем все равно, потому что это наш долг. А пока я прокачусь по этим волнам ненависти на своём водном мотоцикле


  • anon says:

    “José Carreras: I have never seen Placido Domingo behave in a way that was not correct”

    You’re not his type.

  • Anon3 says:

    Sexual harassment and Me Too are unimportant in Russia. No one cares. Olga and Anna don’t.

    • Tirfofitall says:

      And you know how they feel because…?????

    • mama says:

      how do you know that? perhaps women in Russia know how to stand up for themselves and can tell the difference between flirting and harassment? Russian women are strong, too but don’t get drawn in a cup of tea.

    • Olga says:

      Both Borodina and Netrebko are world opera stars. Netrebko is not a Russian resident, she resides in Vienna and spends most of her time travelling around the world. Russian women do not support sexual harassment. However, support of ridiculous allegations lacking clear evidence is an absurdity.

    • Wiener says:

      Russian are subhuman beings ?????

    • Tatyana Sherer says:

      Not a sexual harassment that is not important, important is the proof of sexual harassment! These two big differences! In case of Domingo -it is a hate and jealousy of the much worse singers who decided to destroy his 51- year old career in Metropolitan and in the USA. Shame on Metropolitan and their authorities who let the gossip destroy the life and career of the best tenor ever! I really disappointed and will not ever buy any tickets at the Met and will not attend any of their performances! There are a lot of European theaters which operas and shows we can see!

      • Marel says:

        That goes for me as well, Tatyana S. I will never set foot there again, nor will I renew my subscription or donation. I just wish more people would boycott the Met.

  • Caravaggio says:

    “Si Plácido nunca abusó de mi, tampoco abusó de nadie. La telepatía me lo hubiese comunicado donde estuviera. Por lo tanto no existe ni ha existido razón alguna para acusarlo o presentar querella. Caso resuelto entonces.”

  • Daniel says:

    Borodina and Netrebko can STFU. And no surprise, they’re Russian. It’s comforting to know a majority of the Met hates working with Netrebko.

    • George says:

      Aha. Then best to call NPR, complain and kick her out. Will the Met Chorus and Orchestra happily perform under the Brooklyn Bridge when there are no stars left to fill their 3,800 seats and collect the money from the donors?

    • Tiredofitall says:

      Uh…not true.

    • Tamino says:

      what do you mean with „no surprise they are Russian“?

      Do you realize the hypocrisy, pretending to speak against sexual harassment, yet engaging in nationalistic harassment?

    • Frances Archer says:

      And you are? I work there and don’t know anyone who hates working with her … do you work there ? Classy too “STFU”?
      The refuge of the truly beaten. The
      Placido Domingo I know, is and always has been a gentleman; kind, generous, warm and perhaps our greatest champion ! Certainly his incredible gifts changed the music world forever, and everyone working in the opera industry is in someway a beneficiary of the hard work of people like Placido Domingo.
      The # metoo movement is vitally important and long overdue. Let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. The cause is so important, it must not be diluted by cases of anonymous “allegations” without due diligence, and a fair hearing.
      These accused men could be your fathers, brothers, husbands and sons.

    • Melody says:

      Sure, because she is very talented.
      Majority hates extraodinary talents like Domingo or Netrebko.

    • MJA says:

      Daniel – what a charmer you must be. I’d rather you STFU than either of the talented artists you mentioned.

    • double-sharp says:

      Vile .language that should get you booted off these message boards. As if you knew the slightest thing about Russia??

  • George says:

    I went through both AP articles again…

    Il catalogo è questo:

    1. Patricia Wulf: made passes on her, never touched her, she went on getting hired

    2. Angela Wilson: Invitations, asking for a kiss, grabbed her breast (which the third person present in the room does not recall)

    3. Anon: passes, kisses, invitation to his apartment, when she came he coached her and after stuck hand down her skirt, then she was afraid and left. Has since then sung at the Met, SF and others.

    4. Mezzo: wet kisses, calls, invitations. After three years she slept with him twice. She never told him no.

    5. Anon: calls, invitation, petting, until she told him to stop

    6. Dancer: Invitation, hug, kiss; then she left

    7. Student from Juilliard: calls until she put a male friend on, then he stopped

    8. Soprano: Kiss on the lips ; she told him no, he never pursued her again

    9. Anon: Wet kisses

    10. Anon: No specific information given

    11. Anon: Tried to avoid a wet kiss

    12. Anon: backed her against a wall, grasped her hand, whispered in her ear

    13. Anon: No specific information given

    14. Anon: No specific information given

    15. Anon: No specific information given

    16. Anon: No specific information given

    17. Anon: No specific information given

    18. Anon: No specific information given

    19. Anon: No specific information given

    20. Anon: No specific information given

    All of this 20 – 30 years ago.

    • sam says:

      And that’s not counting in Spain, where son già mille e tre…

      (Speaking of his next baritone role…)

    • Charlotte says:

      Thank you George. Good reminder for many who are too quick to judge.

    • R. Figueroa says:

      Would you allow your sister or daughter to be in an empty room with Domingo? Would you be as ironic as you are in your email if it were a woman related to you?

    • Karl says:

      Great list. I saw that several women simply complained that he asked them out, similar to what Patricia Wulf claimed.

    • Claudio says:

      George. Where do you live? Could you please post your home and work address? I would like to visit you and give you a wet kiss and put my hand down your pants. Apparently you think this is perfectly normal and admirable behavior, so I’m sure you won’t mind, right?

    • Guest says:

      Thanks for the data. Puts it in perspective.

  • Anon says:

    Thank you George, for the list.
    I in no way want to dismiss what these women went through 20-30 years ago.
    But one thing we simply can not ignore: it was a different world. A man who was persistent was considered “a man”. Again. Not justifying it. But to ruin a man’s life like this, someone who devoted his entire existence to music and helping others (and YES that is a fact), just do some research.
    Epstein, Weinstein and co. Criminals.
    But Plácido Domingo is not a criminal. People above are judging him as if they knew him and his victims and are completely convinced he is a sexual abuser. The lady in the interview even says he never ever touched her (Mrs. Wulf). At least choose your words carefully if you will judge him like that.
    Just my 5 cents

    • George says:

      I don’t want to dismiss these women either, but there’s another point:

      A lot of them say they were afraid it would ruin their career if they said no to him. But that does not necessarily mean that this would have been the case. Nowhere in these articles can I read that he blackmailed any of them by threatening to destroy them. Some of them were not hired again. But in order to establish why, we would need to know their names and then analyze. There are way too many emotions involved here.
      Also I think it is not as black and white as it seems. They probably enjoyed the flirt at first, because PD is very friendly and charming. But then they got afraid when it was obvious he wanted more and it made them feel uncomfortable, and that is very unfortunately and should not have happened.
      But is that really enough to destroy everything that he’s done for young artists, singers and opera houses? Enough to make him a persona non grata?

      I really hope not.

    • Charlotte says:

      Thank you Anon. Finally, someone with common sense.

  • Esther Cavett says:

    ==José Carreras: I have never seen Placido Domingo behave in a way that was not correct…

    Dumb comment. Like PD would do his activities in front of an old, famous friend….

  • Thinking aloud says:

    Isn’t it time to back off continually carping and criticising Placido Domingo. He has been accused of sexual harassment, nothing proven! Some will say so far.

    It is easy in this day and age for people to make accusations against well known personalities in an effort to bring them down. Unfortunately too many believe the accused is automatically guilty without any knowledge of the true facts. Rumour, hearsay and gossip are rife. And we all know what happens when rumours are passed on, they just get bigger and bigger.

    Nobody- either women or MEN – wants sexual harassment at work. And yes plenty of men suffer sexual harassment, including Placido Domingo over the years.

    The disgraceful way in which the American press have acted like a Wild West Lynch mob does nothing for the situation.

    Do not let Britain go down this road.

    Often on this forum some of the comments made are nasty and vindictive, not just about Domingo, but other singers, conductors and musicians. If these same comments were made about the contributors they would be outraged, angry and demanding an immediate apology.

    It would be better if we lived with the old adage : If you can’t say anything good, don’t say anything.
    “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone.”

  • Ms.Melody says:

    Netrebko and Borodina are grown women who would know how to handle unwanted attention a man they were not interested in. My guess is that he would be in demand as a male soprano in the next baroque opera production.
    But this “love” coming from them now is too little and too late. Domingo is ruined at least on this side of the Atlantic.
    Hopefully, he will sing a little longer in Europe because it is his life. I just hope his health holds out. People popped an artery for a lot less than this.

    • AJ says:

      If he retired around 10 years ago after his first few Boccanegras like everyone thought he would, he probably wouldn’t have gotten accused. He would not have outstayed his welcome, and people would have moved on. But no, gotta keep adding all kinds of notches to his bedpost, even those that became blatant self indulgence. Now that people are rightly bringing attention to the added burden women (and some men) have been facing for decades, and he happens to be one of the many that caused those burdens so he gets called out– some of you are crying about it. It’s not just that people don’t give a shit about women like we already know, it’s that they don’t even seem to have the emotional intelligence to register the problem. Domingo is regarded as a genius whose amazing career is a result of hard work and focus on his art. No such sympathy even registers for the women– they didn’t have the same amazing careers and therefore must be inferior to him. Meanwhile, their realities have been having to concentrate on their art… and dodging old leches like him, changing their schedules, worrying about when they can get out to their car, staying too late, leaving too early, getting cornered or trapped, running out of their excuse rollodex and being left alone with him, plus the mental strains all that would have caused. You need a swift wake up call if you don’t want to admit something like this has happened in your lives as well. And a lesson in sensitivity if you failed to ever even try to see this from their perspective.

  • Robert says:

    I love Placido as a performer, a singer, a very fine musician. But we mus’nt ignore those people who have come forward to say he has harassed them with unwanted advances. Listen to their complaints and learn from them. If they are true, Placido needs to apologize. The community will appreciate his honesty. If it is a weakness in his personal life, he can own up to it. It’s one thing to admire women and be sexually passionate, but another thing to push yourself on someone who is uncomfortable with your advances and is trying to be polite. If these allegations are true, Placido needs to realize that not all women find him irresistible and make ammends!

    • AJ says:

      It would be great if someone owned up Robert, but most of the accusations metoo has brought along have been serious enough that the wrongdoers just never had much of an opinion of women period. If they did realize they were wrong they would likely not have gone that far in the first place.

  • mama1 says:

    i was kissed once by Pavarotti many years ago. I still cherish this kiss; it was beautiful- no offense was taken. In fact, I wish I could kiss or at least hug- many male opera singers. Physical contact between humans is normal. We are kind of deprived of physicality, especially singles. This is why people smother their cats to death with kisses:) Affection has to find an outlet. We are physical beings.

    • Laurence says:

      Perhaps if cats could complain, they would.

    • Karl says:

      Kissing without consent is now considered sexual assault. Maybe after some therapy or a few talks with a feminist you will realize that Pavarotti sexually assaulted you.

    • Brettermeier says:

      “In fact, I wish I could kiss or at least hug- many male opera singers. Physical contact between humans is normal. We are kind of deprived of physicality, especially singles. This is why people smother their cats to death with kisses:) Affection has to find an outlet. We are physical beings.”

      Great. Next time in concert I just lick random people while quoting you.

    • Arthur says:

      My very first thought when all of this started about Domingo was Pavarotti. When are all the females going to speak up against him? You’ll have it made because there’s no way he can sue you for defamation of character because he’s passed on. Why aren’t you all complaining about him? Because you won’t get as much attention? This is all sick business and hopefully Domingo will be able to sue and sue big time!!! That is my hope!

  • william osborne says:

    “Over the past half-year, the #MeToo movement has swept across Europe, the Americas, and parts of Asia and Africa. But many Russian women’s rights activists fear the global reckoning has simply passed them by.”
    –Foreign Policy, “Putin’s War On Women”

    • Brettermeier says:

      Not surprising for a country that made domestic violence a-ok again (you may beat (or get beaten up) once a year legally, as long as there are no broken bones or concussions). Gotta love Putin!

      And that’s why I hate people (and I cannot even beat them all up legally, because then I’d have to marry them first).

    • double-sharp says:

      [[ –Foreign Policy, “Putin’s War On Women” ]]

      I used to respect your contributions here, William – but you’ve lost my support forever with this empty politicized crapola.

      “Foreign Policy”? Laughable, off-topic, blowhard dreck.. Welcome to my auto-thumbdown roster. Bye-bye = don’t write. Go put on a CD of Sousa, and practice marching around the room.

  • M2N2K says:

    It looks to me like AN’s imperfect Russian is translated into English incorrectly in this post: “и те и другие призывают отказаться от выступления в протест [‘в знак протеста’ would have been clearer] или в поддержку” means “they both call [‘urge us’ might be better] to refuse to PERFORM [definitely not ‘speak’] in protest or in support”.

  • Adam Lehr says:

    I will always root for Palicido. Things do happen in the workplace, we all have to get along with each other. If someone is truly fearful, society will arrive en masse on the defensive. People are good. What is more important than the arts?

  • Ignacio Olaeta. says:

    Two voices are not enough to say “…innocent…”.

  • X.Y. says:

    We are speaking about a Mexican tenor, who sang Don Giovanni and some decades ago allegedly approached some woman in a way you would exspect from a Mexican tenor, who sings Don Giovanni. So what?

    But may I ask the real males in this discussion (there must be some)? Did nobody of you ever try to adress, take a hand, to touch or (God beware) to kiss a woman? I remember several such occasions and a few of these attemps were delightfully successful, and some others were definitely not, no way to predict. Is that for Twitter and Facebook? Ist that for the press? Is that for the courts? Give me a break. Thats life. To hell with all that hypocrisy.

    • Mexican Placido says:

      Mexican…? He’s European. Just try guess what country. Come on, can’t be easier..

      • Anon says:

        Mexican Plácido!
        He moved there when we was not even 8 years old. He has repeatedly said that he feels very Mexican at heart. Anyways, does it matter? During the earthquake in 86 in Mexico, his aunt, who lived there, died as a result of it. He spent weeks helping the firefighters.

  • JJ says:

    These modern rape feminist crybabies need to stop screaming rape every time a man tells them they are pretty or for saying yer kinda hot. Whenever they can prove without a doubt that Placido or any man actually raped a woman then I’ll believe them. But show me the proof first coz I’ve seen too many lies already. Thank God I’m not famous though coz I’d prob be next in line on reputation death row due to all the women I’ve made a move on throughout my sexy little life since I was like 5 freakin yrs old. My dad told me I used to run away from him at work and sneak under the women’s skirts as they worked at the factory. I guess I was a little perv, and yet I haven’t heard of any woman accusing me yet for that! Oh that’s right, I’m not famous! So I’m not worthy of vilifying. Almost forgot that detail.

    • V.Lind says:

      Nobody has accused Placido Domingo of rape. These articles, and subsequent conversations, have been about harassment. Your term “modern rape feminist crybabies” is contemptible.

  • JJ says:

    Oh, and btw, I think Anna N is still super hot. Always had a huge crush on her… plus she sings like a goddess. Finally I can say it out loud now that I know she’s not one of those ultra sensitive feminists and won’t accuse me a “rape”.

  • Angela says:

    Over the years I have had many men make passes, but a little gentle, good natured humour has given the message that I wasnt interested. Do the younger generations of American women lack the skills or humour to defuse such situations? These witch hunts smack of pathetic attempts to excuse indifferent careers or grab attention by climbing on the bandwagon. We should save our wrath for the victims of real sexual violence not the recipients of slightly over- eager flirtation.

    • V.Lind says:

      Doesn’t the fact that a number of the complainants have opted to remain unnamed undermine the notion that they are trying to “grab attention”?

  • Lisa says:

    Placido forever!

  • Yvonne Kalman says:

    Bravo Anna
    And Bravo Placido
    The greatest Tenor and beautiful and kind person who is being maligned by horrible miserable people who can only garner headlines by doing the poor me baloney

  • Liam Allan-Dalgleish says:

    Placidity Domingo is a Spanish Aristocrat who would never Ever do anything beyond spicy flirtation. He would never EVER do anything insulting or “invasive” to a woman. I have been in this world of professional music-making for forty years (at Westminster Choir College) and if some of these nut jobs who are now conducting These Chillingworth investigation we’d all be in the stocks. And another thing. Men deserve to be presumed human before being condemned to the slaughter house.

  • AJ says:

    It doesn’t surprise me at all that Europe has had this pathetic reaction. Europe has always had a ridiculously elitist view of arts/entertainment, ie nothing must stand in the way of great ART. This has led to garbage snuff-level film industries with over the top sexual violence against usually women, where every actress is expected to drop trou at least once every couple movies, and where being treated like dirt by the director/’auteur’ is supposed to show your commitment to art. Lol, get over yourselves.