Paavo is conductor of the year

Germany’s Opus Klassik awards are out.

Singers of the year are Joyce DiDonato and Christian Gerhaher.

Conductor of the Year is Paavo Järvi.

Instrumentalists of the year will be Andreas Ottensamer (clarinet), Sol Gabetta (cello) and Igor Levit (piano).


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  • This year this was poorly communicated. Not many independent labels ever knew about the process going on.

    (In case you wonder why certain labels are missing…)

  • Paavo?!# I guess they did not consult anyone who actually had to play under him. Talk about trying to live up to family pressures and his own inflated self-image.

      • He enjoys intimidating players he doesn’t like, which is counterproductive for the performance at hand. He likes springing surprises during concerts, sometimes resulting in train-wrecks. He is very moody, sometimes conducting extremely well but at other times being inordinately detached and sloppy. He believes he is solely responsible for all positive results, telling any of his musicians that he is pleased that HE was able to make them play so well. Look at his CD covers: they all feature his face, never a photo of the orchestra or a portrait of the composer. Family issues are too numerous to illuminate in this space.

    • It probably should never have been made – there was no need for it. But just to play devil’s advocate, you don’t think recording Sibelius with a French orchestra – even a very good one – might present challenges in terms of style and producing an idiomatic sound?

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