Death of a British tenor, 58

Death of a British tenor, 58


norman lebrecht

September 02, 2019

From the Boston Camerata:

Grieving, we announce the death this morning, from a sudden and massive heart attack, of our dear friend and colleague, British tenor Tim Evans. Tim was a superlative musician, alert, accurate, unfailingly musical; his ability to deliver a sung text in English or French or Latin or German, with exactly the right phrasing and inflection was a wonder to behold and experience, He was, as well, a superb comic actor with impeccable timing and an inimitable, infectious zany spirit. To top it all, Tim was a loveable bloke and a great companion on tours, home concerts, and media projects. We are heartbroken that the new Camerata recording, only days from public release, in which he sings so beautifully, will be his last appearance with us. It will be a while before we can take the measure of this profound loss.

Our thoughts at this terrible moment go out to Tim’s family in Germany: his wife, Suse, and his two children, Emily and Benjamin.


Message from the bass singer Joel Frederiksen:

This morning in Prague I received one of the saddest messages of my life. My dearest friend and colleague, Timothy Leigh Evans, died of a massive heart attack this morning. The message came from Tim’s cell phone, but from his wife, Suse. Tim leaves behind two beautiful children, Emily and Ben, and countless friends and admirers of his voice. To sing with Tim was always effortless. We never had to work at it—there was a kind of magic that happened from the combination of our timbres. We felt it…it was unspoken. In 1991 we met and rehearsed the Medieval Mystery Play, The Play of Daniel (Ludus Danielis) in New York with Fred Renz and the Ensemble for Early Music and then toured to Brisbane, Australia, and Hawaii. We roomed together and immediately hit it off. I remember laughing and laughing. I learned Yorkshire folk songs and at some moment we began collaborating. We had a duo…the Simon and Garfunkel of early music;-)! We did mostly Renaissance lute songs together…Dowland and Campion. Tim was my best friend. We accompanied each other through major life changes, supporting and helping, sometimes just listening. We had a few arguments, but mostly we sang, harmonized, laughed…. A few days ago I called him just to chat. His throat was bothering him and he had had to cancel some work. He had started to collect a small teachers’ pension. We laughed about feeling old. He thought he had to decide between a lump sum and a monthly amount. However, the lump sum, he quipped, would have meant only a few years of payments and he joked that he intended to live more than three years…we laughed. Silly! Of course!! Three years! In the end he got both the lump sum and the monthly amount…but life was taken from him much too soon. Ah, Tim…my friend. How will I ever replace you in this life? I can’t believe it. I can’t accept it. I am so deeply sad….
Tomorrow I will go to his family to grieve, to help if I can, to share the sorrow. Thank you for the friendship, Tim, and the music……




  • Phyllis E Clark says:

    I met Tim singing Bach- then on to Western Wind with his impeccable musical skills and ensemble leadership in workshops. ‘Round midnight…So thrilled he found his niche with Shad and Camerata and Joel and with his family in Germany. Humor, joy, passion for performing music and the occasional fast car ride to a gig! Beloved Tim and The introduction of Ilkley
    Moor to our ears

    • Bob Kelly says:

      I met Tim at those WW workshops and enjoyed him (and his music) immensely. I haven’t seen him in quite a while, but always loved spinning a Hudson Shad disk he gave me. I felt as if we would pick up right where we left off if we met again – we were not close, but our interactions were joyful and I will treasure his memory (and his music).

  • Bruce says:

    How awful. Sounds like a life well-lived, though, and a gift to those who knew him. RIP.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    Absolutely dreadful!! Sympathies to those close to him. Much too young to die in this day and age.

  • Djeedo says:

    So sad!!!
    I know Tim and his wife Suse for over 20 years…shocking!!!
    All my thoughts are with her and their children

    • Una says:

      Yes they’re the people who matter most now in this. Such a shock for families when there’s no warning. May he rest in peace, as I’m certain he will.

  • I met Tim about 10 years ago in Hamburg and we were supposed to sing this week together with the NDR Mens Choir.
    I sang 2nd Tenor voice in the CommedianHarmonists Program and it was absolutly dreadful seeing the empty chair next me yesterday.
    He was a very good singer and we had lots of fun, working in the NDR Choir together.

    I will miss you, Tim