City Opera thinks it has something to celebrate

City Opera thinks it has something to celebrate


norman lebrecht

August 20, 2019

New York City Opera will mark its its 75th Anniversary with a free concert in Bryant Park on September 9 at 6pm.

Whether it can put on a season after its main backer withdrew remains to be seen.


  • Caravaggio says:

    Some renaissance. And wow oh wow, a concert that listed Daniels and Domingo! The promoters surely wish they could turn back clocks. And what was Sting doing in there?

  • Edgar Self says:

    Who was the main backer, please?

  • Larry says:

    They have hired an executive search form to recruit a director of development.

    This New Yorker (who remembers paying $5 to buy City Opera tickets for the fifth circle of the New York State Theatre back in the day) wishes them well.

  • brian says:

    A long, long, long time ago (where 1 long = ~1 decade), NYCO was a great destination for opera, especially if you were young and lower middle class. Great place to take a date. And if you were really down and out but wanted some opera anyway, there was always the Amato, downtown on the Bowery. I’ve been away from the city for years now, so I don’t even know whether culture on a budget is still a thing there, but in its heyday NYCO was a leading go-to option on that front. Maybe there’s no future in such a business model now, when the only prominent public face opera has is in its sex scandals.