A US orchestra survives, for now

A US orchestra survives, for now


norman lebrecht

August 01, 2019

The National Philharmonic of Bethesda, Maryland, has raised $150,000 to secure its immediate future.

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  • David Rohde says:

    The situation is (even) more complicated than the linked story explains, and actually getting to reopening in September depends on a variety of parties agreeing on how to do it. Anne Midgette in the Washington Post explains in an article headlined “Struggling National Philharmonic gets two lifelines, but the way forward isn’t clear-cut” for those who want to search for it. A local Washington website with the clever name of “DCist” also has a decent piece dated July 31 on the current mix of variables that have to come together.

    • DC Violinist says:

      The musicians and others have no fait in the current board to help the orchestra move forward to a healthier financial and musical future. Saving next season is great, but what happens then? Another emergency fund-raiser next summer?