Vienna State Opera scores 99.1% record

Vienna State Opera scores 99.1% record


norman lebrecht

July 01, 2019

Dominique Meyer has turned in outstanding figures in Vienna before departing next year for La Scala.

Ticket sales hit record revenues of record revenues of € 37,695,162.26, some two million Euros ahead of budget.

The capacity rate was 99,10%, up from 98.61% in 2017-18.

The 215 opera performances reached 99.43% of seated capacity.



  • Musician says:

    You’re negating the ticket mafias… they buy out most ticket and then professional companies and scalpers sell them on. Indeed many performances are sold out, and many others not so full but still ‘sold out’. Surely everyone knows of the ridiculous ticket mafias going on in Vienna?!

  • Hermann Lederer says:

    You can repeat these figures as often as you want. They do not become more realistic. First of all: the Vienna Oper was always full. Long before Meyer. The difference is: Meyer reinvented cheap and free tickets again which did not exist in the Holender years. So there is a big gap between the 99.1% you (he) mention and the approx. 82% of box office revenues (published repeatedly in Austrian newspapers). This 99,something are facts of Trump quality!

    • Pianoforetissimo says:

      Would you prefer 18% empty seats at full price rather than 0.9% empty seats due to a policy of ‘cheap and free tickets’?

      ‘Facts of Trump quality’! Give me a break.

  • Hans says:

    As a frequent opera goer in Vienna, I can say that Meyer has certainly done a lot to fill the Staatsoper to capacity almost every night of the incredibly long season of 10 months. However, it also true that the practise described in some of the comments of professional ticket offices buying many of the tickets and have them sold by unsavory scalpers who cheat their customers by not telling them the truth about the place they are sitting in, right in front of the opera just before the performance has become a pain in the neck. Also, to attend a performance of the Wiener Staatsoper obviously figures in all guide books about Vienna as an absolute must for tourists which leads to masses of tourists (Meyer contends that only some 30 percent of people in the audience are tourists, I would argue that the figure is closer to 50 or more percent) storming the opera, having no idea what expects them there and many of those leaving after the first intermission. Unfortunately, many of those tourists disturb perfomances by taking photos during the performance, chatting constantly and consulting their mobile phones all the time which obviously is very irritating. I hope the new management will take effective mesures against this in the future.

    • Monsoon says:

      I wonder if they have data on how many of the tourists leave early? Whenever I’ve sat in the cheap seats at places like the Vienna State Opera, La Scala, etc., there’s always a mass exodus during the first intermission — tourists who I assume feel like they’ve seen enough to mark “famous opera house” off of their list.

  • wiener says:

    Fake news

  • wiener says:

    Look at the homepage. One day before the performance you have about 30% free seats. On the day of the perfomance all is sold out. Seht, seht, welch seltsam Wunder ! Wie? Ein Schwan, ein Schwan ……. nein leider nur Hr Meyer

  • wiener says:

    Also Stalin had 99,1%