Guatemalan and Spaniard win Domingo’s Operalia

Guatemalan and Spaniard win Domingo’s Operalia


norman lebrecht

July 27, 2019

Soprano Adriana Gonzalez from Guatemala and tenor Xabier Anduaga from Spain have been named First Prize winners of the 2019 edition of Operalia. They receive $30,000 each.

Second prizes of $20,000 were awarded to Maria Kataeva, a mezzo-soprano from Russia and Gihoon Kim, baritone from South Korea.

Christina Nilsson, soprano from Sweden and Aryeh Nussbaum Cohen, countertenor from USA/Germany took the $10,000 third prize.



  • Bogda says:

    Interestingly audience prizes went to Gihoon Kim and Maria Kataeva ;). overall singing in the whole competition was exceptional. Not sure I agree with all jury decisions, but enjoyed performances tremendously

  • Gianmarco Segato says:

    Nice to see Christina Nilsson getting some prize money. She was inexplicably knocked out of the first round at the Montreal International Music Competition in 2018…it was very strange as she sang rings ’round several others who made it through. It was almost like she was ‘too good’!

  • Caravaggio says:

    Both are strikingly beautiful. May they succeed. Why was Nussbaum Cohen in there since he has already made a name for himself? He even has a recording out already.

  • Bruno says:

    Bravo Adriana! Proud of you!!

  • Eric Segel says:

    The soprano who won has a nearly indistinguishable instrument from Diana Damrau. The timbre, musicality, range and the agility. Very similar to Diana. I think she will be huge.

  • Volga says:

    The sad thing is these females have to deal with inappropriate touching from Domingo in order to advance- why isn’t anyone talking about his sexual harassment scandals anymore, and why do females have such low self-esteem that in order to be ‘operatic stars’ they have to lower their standards and integrity. Sad! I pity the female women- no souls!