Chile’s opera house dismisses one in seven

Chile’s opera house dismisses one in seven


norman lebrecht

July 22, 2019

We hear from distressed musicians at the Municipal Theatre in Santiago, Chile, that 59 people were sacked last week in all departments due to a financial crisis. That amounts to 13.5 percent of the workforce.

The theatre is said to be facing imminent bankruptcy. The next step will be to dismantle the orchestra and chorus.

The government is turning a blind eye.

A petition, posted online, has attracted more than 10,000 signatures. Please sign here.

It might help.



  • Zacharias Galaviz Guerra says:

    Here I saw my first Cav/Pag production. A gorgeous venue with beautiful history; it saddens me greatly to see this is happening.

    Ojala nuestro gobierno puede realizar lo importante que es nuestro teatro. Solidaridad a todo mi gente en este triste momento.

  • JOHN TRANTER says:

    Pity,l have this great Opera House three times ,what a shame.

  • V. Lind says:

    Who are these 59? Administrators, musicians, stage crew, tea ladies, gardeners? If 59 is 13.5% of their people, then it is a huge company, and if it is across the board relatively evenly — or even in terms of departments that are the most full — it does not sound all that harmful to carrying on the business of producing and presenting operas. Yes, 59 jobs is a dreadful blow to the 59 families involved, but is it necessarily so for the Municipal Theatre?

    More information would be necessary to be sure this is all that serious to music-making.

    • Zacharias Galaviz Guerra says:

      I believe the overarching concern is had over the impending bankruptcy. Essential personnel or not, as you say, the financial reality is clear.