Russians mourn a popular Soviet composer

Yevgeny Krylatov died yesterday at 86.

He scored more than 160 movies and cartoons, creating a number of children’s songs that became national classics, among them ‘A Song about Summer’ and ‘Deer in the Forest’.

His was an art of innocence.

President Putin called him a man of the highest inner culture and dignity. ‘A real master and creator, he devoted himself to music, generously gave people his talent and inspiration, won a truly nationwide love,’ said Putin.

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  • What a terrible thing to be praised by someone like Putin. That gives any well-intended ‘innocence’ a quite particular taste. In totalitary societies, innocence is there to be exploited, perverted and destroyed.

    • PS

      Sorry about that typo – the word is so distasteful that fingers begin to tremble. It’s ‘totalitarian’, to be sure.

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