Death of an eminent German composer, 84

The death has been announced of Georg Katzer, the foremost electronic composer in the former German Democratic Republic.

Katzer liked to call himself the last living student of Hanns Eisler (who could barely work a light switch); other influences were Stravinsky and Lutoslawski.

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  • PS:

    Interestingly, the same contemporary music mood reigned in West Germany (and still does).

    • it s called Avantgarde. it s allowed to dislike it . but it isn t automatically wrong since you do not like it .

      • There’s nothing wrong with avantgarde. Only, the term changes with every period, and what was avantgarde half a century ago is no longer avantgarde. Today we can listen to 50 years old avantgarde on its own artistic merits.

        Such terms better be avoided altogether.

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