Name the conductors

Go on. You know you want to.

No prizes for guessing the one with flappy fingers.


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  • Flappy fingers and a toothpick?
    I wonder who that could be.
    Is no. 12 Georges Prêtre?

  • Re Georges Prêtre: I meant the conductor covering his eyes and waving a nunchaku.
    The last one looked very much like Zubin Mehta.
    Any chance of a translation from the russian?

  • OK, so Gergiev was the only one who was super clear to me. And maybe Thielmann. Can we get the answers?

    • If one of these numbers is actually Muti, I’d say he’s number 3. No. 4 reminds me of Karl Bohm. Cant think of anyone else with his hand in his pocket

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