Kremlin move: Putin pal revives dead Rachmaninov competition

Kremlin move: Putin pal revives dead Rachmaninov competition


norman lebrecht

May 24, 2019

The pianist Denis Matsuev, who is closer to the Russian president than any musician except Valery Gergiev, has announced the resumption of the long-dormant Rachmaninov competition in 2021.

There will be three categories – for pianists, conductors and composers.

Matsuev said he raised the idea with Putin in December 2017 and the approval has now come through.

Putin, as the world knows, loves free, open and incorruptible competition.


  • christopher storey says:

    Ooh, how cynical you are, NL !

  • Ned Keene says:

    Meanwhile, in other news:

    # grotesquely unpopular British prime-minister forced into resignation

    # enormously popular Russian President pledges state backing and personal support for a Rachmaninoff competition

    # following Private Pike’s court-martial, his replacement pledges to keep squandering taxpayer millions on defending distant Estonia from swarms of mosquitoes – while British Steel goes to the wall.

    # Britain braces for mass protests against a State Visit by child-caging US President Donald Trump.

    • EFB says:

      A child-caging President appointed by that same wonderfully popular Vladimir Putin…

      • Tamino says:

        Amazing how propaganda works in apparently simple minds. Now Putin even appointed Trump. LMAO. How can the developed world help the US attain a better standard of free press and independent journalism? Any ideas?

  • Piano Fan says:

    Rachmaninoff must be spinning in his grave, which remains in New York, despite Putin’s propagandizing.

    • esfir ross says:

      In New York state Valhala. SR sent money to Russian troops during WWII. Putin appreciate classical music and support competition. SR’ll like it for shure.

  • goran says:

    Scaling Matsuev down to ‘Putin’s pal’ in the headline was very disappointing. It’s a good way to lower a number of viewers, though.
    I, for one, will not be one of them any longer.