Just in: Peter Sellars to open Salzburg

Press release:

The American director Peter Sellars will deliver the keynote address during the opening ceremony of the 2019 Salzburg Festival at the Felsenreitschule on 27 July 2019. The title of his speech is “Listening to the Ocean: Planetary Change and Cultural Action – The meaning and urgency of ‘ecological civilization’ in the next generation”.


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    • Pseud’s corner. As if it isn’t bad enough that one has to suffer his pretentious repetitive masturbatory productions…

    • Unfortunately yes. Interviews containing pseudo-intellectual streams of pretentious bullshit when trying to explain his latest productions.

      • If they need explanation they doubtless aren’t worth the price of a ticket. Give your money to a bona-fide charity instead, stay home and listen to Handel or Mozart.

  • The man is absolutely brilliant. If you were to spend five minutes in his presence you would experience an intellectual tsunami. Whoever puts this man down should be embarrassed for doing so.

  • Opera is an art form that became so preoccupied with the bel canto voice that it
    couldn’t continue to evolve. It’s partisans became deaf and blind to all other elements of music theater. Opera thus suffers from arrested development syndrome. One result is that camp becomes a sort of apology for the genre’s lack of musical and theatrical integration. Hence Sellars’ success.

    • Have you never heard opera by Handel or Mozart? No ‘bel canto’ there. And people still love to sing that kind of music. No camp required. Just astounding music, deeply felt.

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