Just in: Jonas Kaufmann cancels Paris

Just in: Jonas Kaufmann cancels Paris


norman lebrecht

May 09, 2019

The star tenor has pulled out of three Toscas on  May 16, 19 and 22. He has a bad cough.

His replacements are Vittorio Grigolo and Marcelo Puente.


  • Caravaggio says:

    Since it is still a full week before May 16, isn’t a week more than enough time to recover from a cold? Or did he get cold feet?

    • Anonymous says:

      Who would have thought that, having completed a run of Forzas, he would find himself with a terrible cough?…

      *walks away whistling*

    • With respect yes a week may be enough time to get over a cough but then the process of getting the voice back in shape starts and that take between one and two weeks depending on how stressed the chords became following a cough …. there is “fit” and “match fit”.

  • Mustafa Kandan says:

    I have learned through experience that it is infinitely better for a singer to cancel when sick than to struggle through a performance. One of the worst was Rolando Villazon, whose performance of Pelleas in Berlin last year was an excruciating disaster.

  • Sue Sonata Form says:

    Prepare: now that he has a baby he’s going to get every virus known to man for the next few years. Been there, done that.

  • Una says:

    This happens to all singers unfortunately as well as other human beings, but always someone there to take your place equally good. Wish him well.

  • Arto says:

    Yesterday night at the Berlin Staatsoper the pregnant Sonya Yoncheva quit Tosca after the first act.
    Karine Babajanyan jumped in Hannover on the high speed train right on time to save the performance conducted by Sonya’s husband.

  • Helena says:

    Jonas Kaufmann doesn’t have a cold. He had a rather nasty incident choking on some food, and luckily by coughing violently he managed to get rid of whatever was stuck in his throat, but this incident was not good for his vocal cords. That’s why the cancellation. Wish him a successful recovery.

  • Jean says:

    Come on, report this correctly. He choked on food while at a meal and injured his throat while trying to clear his airway. This could have been really bad, but no…you say he has “a cough”.