The anonymous cellist of Westminster Bridge

This beautiful portrait was taken yesterday by the mezzo-soprano Siobhain Gibson during the climate protests in London. Do we know who he is? What he’s playing?

Why is it always a cellist?

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  • “Why is it always a cellist?”

    – Nobility of sound
    – Vulnerability while playing (must play seated; immobilized, can’t easily duck/ dodge/ run away)

  • After the “global warming” meme as a method of brainwashing the credulous public and extracting more taxes was finally discredited, the controllers have changed their tack to “climate change” even though there are still no data to support any of their claims and the models purporting to predict future climate parameters are useless. More disquietingly, they have now resorted to indoctrinating schoolchildren to spread the propaganda.

    But if cello playing will “save the planet”, who could possibly object? At least the cello won’t spontaneously combust like a Tesla electric automobile.

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