As Yiddish as a bacon croissant

From the Lebrecht Album of the Week:

Journalists sometimes write reckless headlines, knowing they will be fish-food in a couple of days. Artists cannot afford that luxury with album titles.

The cover of this one does not reflect the contents, and I’m telling you this so you don’t pester some poor record shop demanding your money back.

The second string quartet by Erich Wolfgang Korngold and the 5 Quartet Pieces of Erwin Schulhoff are about as Yiddish as a bacon croissant. Korngold’s primary influences were Strauss and Puccini, Schulholff was a Dvoravk protégé who wrote musical manifestos for the Communist Party. Both were born into Jewish families but neither of these works exudes a scintilla of Yiddishness, or Yiddishkeit in the vernacular. I suspect both composers would have been horrified to be stamped with that label….

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  • Well, if we’re talking pedantry, don’t old news headlines become fish (and chip) wrappings? Not sure you’d feed them to fish.

  • Again Norman, an interesting review. I sometimes think your reviews might be more interesting the discs themselves.

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