Vienna Phil elect Haitink an honorary member

press release:

In conjunction with joint concerts to be performed at the Salzburg Festival in 2019, the Vienna Philharmonic has voted to name Bernard Haitink an Honorary Member of the orchestra.

The award will be presented by Philharmonic Chairman Daniel Froschauer at the end of July 2019.

Bernard Haitink first conducted the Vienna Philharmonic in 1972. Since that time, Haitink has conducted the orchestra over 100 times, including subscription concerts, concerts and opera at the Salzburg Festival as well as concert tours in the USA, Japan and Europe.

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  • Caravaggio says:

    Well deserved and congrats!

  • Ms.Melody says:

    One of the last living musical giants.
    Well deserved honor. Best wishes for many more years of
    great music making.

  • Ben says:

    Well deserved and long overdue. Congrats. Give us more music in America please!

  • Herr Doktor says:

    Of the many wonderful things that can said of Bernard Haitink, none matters more than he has been a true servant to the music at all times. Congratulations, Maestro, we hope to see you again in Boston!

  • Axl says:

    Yeah!!! That’s right from Vienna Phil! Haitink is a living legend and true giant of classical music! More than well deserved honor! Congrats to my favorite conductor No. 1!

  • Bruce says:

    One of the few who truly deserves the title “maestro.” Good on Vienna for recognizing him.

  • barry guerrero says:

    Good move.

  • Chris says:

    Fully deserved – never has forgotten his early career as an orchestral violinist.

  • kuma says:

    Never cared for any of recordings I have of him but boy.. live concert is where he shines. I am sad to see he’s no longer be able to visit US.

    • Spenser says:

      Hi kuma,
      Suggest you try his first (analog) recording of the Bruckner 9 with the Concertgebouw.
      Simply beautiful in every way.
      And I’m 100% in agreement with you about his live concerts.

  • Pedro says:

    Bernard Haitink deserved this a long time ago. I was lucky enough to hear the Vienna Phil. under his baton several times and always at the top. Mahler 9, Shostakovich 10, Bruckner 8 and 9. I also got tickets for their Bruckner 7 next Summer in Salzburg. A wonderful partnership.

  • Sycorax says:

    That’s really great and well deserved. I’ve always adored Haitink for the clarity of his conducting and because he kind of “serves” the music and not his big ego how some of his colleagues do.

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