Two Chicago cellists are under water

Chicago Symphony cellist Katinka Kleijn and her pal Lia Kohl will be playing 30 cellos under water this weekend.


Read here.

photo: Mike Grittani

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  • ” We’re taking these precious objects, putting them in a dangerous setting, and accepting the things that might happen to them.”

    Next time send them to play at the Etna. Deep into the crater.

  • Actually this may be going somewhere interesting but not for a while. Scientists tell us that phonons or sound particles have a negative gravitational mass roughly = to the mass of an atom of hydrogen. Currently this could be further studied only by slowing sound as by passing it through a superfluid of liquid helium. But in future the tech may develop to the point where the phonon’s mass could be calibrated more precisely in plain water or a similar common fluid. It could transform the experience of singing in the shower!

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