Thielemann gets his Beethoven in fast

While other orchestras announce copycat Beethoven cycles over 2019-20 for the composer’s 250th anniversary, Christian Thielemann plans a month by month survey with the Dresden Staatskapelle.

He will do symphonies 1-3 on one night this December, symphonies 4-5 in a January 2020 concert… and so on until he hits the 9th.

Not bad.


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  • At a loss to see how this is different, in terms of imaginative programming, from any other routine Beethoven cycle.

  • That sounds less fastidious than to go through all of Johann Melchior Molter’s symphonies in numerical order.

  • Not bad at all. I love programs that have one composer, programs that have a focus. Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau did it that way too.

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