Strike crisis: Chicago calls in actuaries

You know it’s serious when the mathematical futurists get involved.

Chicago Symphony president Jeff Alexander told media last night that both sides in the day-old strike had asked their actuaries – who specialise in pension projections – to get back together this week in order to review details related to the proposed retirement benefit.

Voices might get raised in a strike, but no-one hits the actuaries.

Local sources say that pensions are the main sticking point to a settlement.

photo: H. Edgar/CCR


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  • Ha ha the paradox is that the CSO musicians hope that their actuary will show that they die a lot sooner than the average population, while the board hopes that classical musicians live well into their 90s (which is true by the way).

  • Let me ask everyone a question, what’s the last CSO recording you bought? . . . I tried the Muti/CSO Bruckner 9. It was OK, but not as good as Giulini/CSO. The Muti “Symphony Fantastique”? . . . no, because I have the Barenboim one for the “La Marseillaise” with Domingo that’s coupled with it. Verdi Requiem? . . . it’s probably good, but there a million of those already (including Muti’s earlier one). Probably the most interesting disc they’ve done with Muti, so far, is the “Italian Masterworks” one (Verdi, Puccini, Mascagni, Boito – the usual suspects).

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