Exclusive: Watch Maestro Muti marching with the strikers

The first photographer on the Chicago Symphony picket today was Eddie Arruza of Chicago Tonight.

He has sent us these exclusive images:

We think that’s violinist Sando Shia in blue.

(c) Eddie Arruza


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  • What is on a top of agenda today may be forgotten tomorrow. At the same time it’s better to have failed in something attempted than to succeed at nothing at all.
    I don’t see any bad in these pictures.
    Disclaimer 🙂 – just my opinion.

  • Full pay without working nor calling time off. Muti loves America.

    P.S. (for my knowledge, no ill intention) when was the last time an well-known Europe or Asian orchestra went on strike due to pay/benefit issue?

    • It would be bizarre for the London orchestras to strike; they own their orchestras and set their own wages. Similarly for the VPO/BPO.

  • Just an opinion, but the conductor should stay out of it. It’s business. The way the conductor is hired and gets paid is entirely different. Maybe ‘maestro’ Muti would be willing to take a pay cut?

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