Small anti-Israel protest at Carnegie Hall

Small anti-Israel protest at Carnegie Hall


norman lebrecht

February 04, 2019

A few dozen BDS supporters, rallied by the Adalah network, staged a mostly good-natured protest outside Carnegie Hall yesterday while the Israel Philharmonic gave a concert inside.

There were no attempts to disrupt the concert itself.

Yoel Levi conducted, in place of the unwell Zubin Mehta, whose farewell tour this should have been.

Photo: Israel consulate, NY


  • AlanK says:

    There is nothing good natured about anything associated with any BDS activity!

  • Ellingtonia says:

    These would be the “Gazans” who have squandered millions of dollars in aid, sent to help them develop the infrastructure and economy of Gaza but instead spent it on weapons and into the pockets of corrupt Hamas leaders. As for apartheid, I was under the impression that Israel is a democratic country, indeed, the only one in the Middle East and where freedom of expression is allowed irrespective of race, gender or sexual orientation. Now just remind me again who it is that have a tendency for stoning women, executing non believers and throwing gays off the tops of buildings, and that is without mentioning the murderous activities towards anyone that opposes Hamas. Give me a break!

  • Alan K says:

    I take offense at the phrase “good natured”. There is nothing good natured about BDS activist. They are anti-Semites who could not care less about the suffering of Arabs and Kurds in Syria, much less Palestinians in squalid so called refugee camps in Lebanon and Jordan.

    • Kyle Wiedmeyer says:

      You do realize that many anti-Israel activists are Jewish themselves, right? And that their opposition is based on something deeper than religious bias?

      • Alan K says:

        The same kind of Jews who supported the soviet-German non-agression treaty up until the day Hitler invaded the USSR

      • Mark says:

        Yes, terminal stupidity.

      • Nick says:

        Indeed, Wiedmeyer, it is deeper lack of knowledge of history! And throughout history Jews supported revolutionaries and never learned that it is THE JEWS who would be exterminated first by these revolutionaries! Examples? Dig it yourself – we are in the IT age.

      • Luigi Nonono says:

        No, it is based on something much shallower. Self-satisfaction, smugness, and a failure to see the truth and protect their own people. And shame on all the people who are upvoting the comments supporting the protesters. You are all engaging in anti-Semitism. You stink.

  • NYCAnon says:

    Did any of the above posters attend this concert? I did! Was excellent. Don’t throw stones at glasshouses…

    • Bruckner says:

      Yoel Levi led the IPO in an excellent performance of Bruckner 7th just before this trip. Perhaps not surpisingly his body language brings to mind Lorin Maazel’s.

  • Stephen Diviani says:

    The way to peace is through dialogue; culture has an important role in this, as illustrated by the East West Divan Orchestra. To silence artists is wrong.

    • Ellingtonia says:

      Barenboam and the West East Divan have achieved exactly “sweet FA” in all the years of performing or if they have and I have missed it, do enlighten me someone. DBs political posturing is tiresome.

  • Nick says:

    I love it “good-natured” BDS supporters!!! Disgusting! How can a Jew even utter such a phrase?!? Shame! If Jews are not willing to protect themselves nobody ever will. It is time to learn history!!

  • Nick says:

    I agree with you 1000%!!!, Alan K. It is a disgrace to use such language. But we always hear it from the Left fascists and so called “Palestinian Cause” supporters and promoters. It is an unfortunate fact that most Jews do not learn lessons of history and make the same mistakes all along!

    • BillG says:

      You are right about the Palestinian Cause. It’s a gift from the KGB of the Soviet Union that is still giving today.

  • Luigi Nonono says:

    There is nothing “good-natured” about such a protest. They seek genocide against Israel and all other Jews in the world.