Dudamel and LA Phil will play at the Oscars tonight

We hear that about half Los Angeles Philharmonic musicians will perform with Gustavo Dudamel during the In Memoriam segment of the Oscars Show tonight.

There is no guarantee they will be seen on TV.


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      • It was a nice piece, mood appropriate. And, for NL, they did show Dudamel and a few players briefly at the beginning and the end. As their role is subsidiary to the tribute to Hollywood stars and players who have passed since the last ceremony, pictured on screen, that was all that was suitable. They were identified, separating them from the broadcast orchestra, and that was their lot. Their contribution was just fine.

  • Will Dudamel condemn the Neo Con interference in Venezuela that will push Venezuela into civil war. Will Dudamel condemn the medieval economic siege in Venezuela imposed by the US. Will Dudamel condemn the US’s economic siege intended to starve Venezuelans into submission. Or the stated plan to take the largest oil reserves in the world for our oil companies?

  • Gustavo Dudamel is a collaborator and promoter of the Socialist government of Venezuela, he had enjoyed the support of the Chavez/Maduro socialist government that took him where he is, in exchange of promoting the Chavez Socialist System in Venezuela around the world

  • I assume that’s a decent little electronic media payday, what with it being on a major broadcast network and all?

  • When a person gets criticized so harshly from both sides of the issue, the person may actually be doing – or at least saying – something right and possibly reasonable.

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