Britten got excited, but…

An utterly hilarious interview with the brilliant countertenor (and mimic) James Bowman:

‘Albert came up for cuddles. He was full of fleas.’


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  • I was deputy stage manager at the ROH and was working there at the general dress rehearsal of ‘Taverner’. I don’t remember any mistake with the house tabs, but I do remember how insecure and nervous Ray Herincx was with having to sing from high on the ferris wheel which was the set’s main feature. But he was nervous about performing generally. Even as Escamillo. James Bowman, on the other hand, was gloriously confident about everything, musical or otherwise.

  • I had the immense pleasure of working with James Bowman on Toby Robertson’s lovely production of Midsummer Night’s Dream for Scottish Opera way back in 1972. He was made for the role and such fun!

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