Maestro marks 80th birthday on tour

Marek Janowski, born in Warsaw on February 18, 1939, is on tour this week with the WDR Symphony.

Later this year, he becomes chief conductor of the Dresden Philharmonic.


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  • He is amazing and one of the best real conductors! They don’t make them like that anymore. Happy Birthday Maestro !

  • Dresden Philharmonic must be quite a good orchestra if he gave up Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra to take them up.

    • The Dresdner Philharmonie is (imo) a very good orchestra, although often overlooked and underrated, but Janowski didn’t give up the Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin for Dresden (he left the RSB three years before he signed – again – with the Dresdner Philharmonie).
      Janowski had been chief conductor of the Dresdner Philharmonie once before, in the early 2000s but left ahead of time over some disputes he had with politicians and delegates.
      A large part of this stemmed from the fact that his acceptance of the position hinged on Dresden building a concert-hall that the Dresdner Philharmonie could call its own, a project that had been discussed previously but always postponed due to financial constraints and political posturing. Then, when the massive floods in August 2002 came and not just Dresden, but Saxony on the whole suffered several billion € in damages resulting in massive debt, Janowski was first strung along by politicians, before being informed that a concert hall would not be built and he resigned with immediate effect in 2003 (I believe).
      Now, Dresden is free from flood-related debt, the old Kulturpalast has been renovated, its ~2.500 capacity multi-purpose hall has been dismantled and rebuilt into a 1.800 seat concert hall and Marek Janowski has returned.

  • Enjoyed his Bruckner ( Symphony no.6 plus Mass no.2) concert a fortnight ago with the Berlin Philharmoniker. Among the highlights of many years of concertgoing.
    Incidentally, the bookshop in the famous venue has a section called “Musik Für Kinder” . Colourful books introducing children to classical repertoire. This occupies more space than the entire classical music section at the South Bank Centre. Part of Simon Rattle’s legacy I suspect.

  • Still going strong and indefatigable indeed. A true Kapellmeister in the original appreciative and respectful sense of the word. Toitoitoi, Maestro!

  • Excellent conductor! His Ring is wonderful and as good as much better known versions. Happy birthday Maestro – wishing you many more productive years!

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