Jonas Kaufmann: Official wedding photograph

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  • you did NOT take this photograph! your clickbait headlines continue to knowingly and libelously MISLEAD! credit the photographer, change your headline, and STOP the selfish shots.

    • The photograph is clearly stated to be from Jonas Kaufmann’s Instagram account, where he has shared it for general use. That is the only credit we have for it. Now get a life, Rachel G.

    • I find this so rude and disrespectful! There is no need to shout on here and behind words when you do not even know Norman Lebrecht as many of us do well. I am glad he has written back himself. There are ways and means of writing to people in Britain if you think something might be wrong, not by shouting in capital letters and using the imperative.

  • Well he is a proven adulterer, he might do the same thing further along in life. She will become the wife who is trusting and faithfull. He left it untill the last minute to get married. I hope his children support his first wife and put her first at Christmas and holidays and never put him first when their mother is left alone.

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